Back to School Organization!!


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The chaotic first week of school has begun for most of us! Many of the elementary, junior and high school students have started back to school. While it may not be “New Years” the school year is the start of another new year. It’s a great time to do some organization.
Many people find a large calendar is very helpful. It can be easiest to color coordinate their calendar. For example, every person in the family or all of your coworkers has their own color. Then you can write that particular person’s events on my calendar in their color. It’s a great way to see who has dance or band practice at one quick glance! Calendars also are great gifts! You can have a different picture for every month. You can get online or go to your local Walgreens, Wal Mart, or store of your choice! You can even buy that person in your life that may need help becoming organized or wants to be organized the colored pens!
Teaching your child organizational skills at the beginning of a school year is a great way to set them up for success in life. Let them find cute stickers or glitter pens or whatever makes them happy and want to be organized. Having a particular place for them to study is also a great way for them to be successful this school year. Go ahead and stock their study area with all their materials, pencils, pens, papers, scissors, glue, or whatever they may need. This sets an example that they can keep going!
Keep checking with us this week for more “Back to School” ideas!!!

Back To School!!!


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Does it seem like it was just yesterday that the kids were having their final exams, graduations, and end of the school year parties?? Or have you been praying for those yellow busses to pull back down your street? Regardless of what your school of thought is on the matter, it’s time for the kids to go back to school! This weekend is a great weekend to finish your back to school shopping at the Outlets of Vicksburg. They have almost everything children of all ages need!(adults too!!) This Saturday, enjoy the Back to School Pep Rally! Cheerleaders, bands and dance teams from a variety of school will be performing to get everyone pumped back up for school!

Personal Articles Insurance


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Personal Article Insurance is insurance that protects your “big ticket items”. While these are covered on your general homeowner’s policy, they are usually covered in smaller amounts and with certain limits. For example, on some policies, your jewelry is only covered for up to $1,000 for theft. That’s all of your jewelry not one piece!!! Think how quickly your watches, rings, earrings, and necklaces could quickly add up to be that much! The same goes with things like your computers or cameras. And for those of you who have those hobbies, you know your stuff isn’t cheap!!!
You can also use this coverage to cover one large item. Maybe you just have a really nice engagement ring, or a specially built computer, this policy is the place to put it. You can even do your china and your collectibles!! Isn’t that awesome!!
This can be a separate policy or it can be added through an endorsement (some call them riders) to your policy. I would suggest a separate policy, but that is completely up to you!! So call one of our agents today to get this coverage started!!!

Take Pride


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I said that we would discuss how to insure your more expensive items such as jewelry, guns, furs etc this week. However, in light of recent events, I feel the need to discuss the importance of insurance. In the last week, our state has faced many tragedies. Two of the deadliest tornados reported swept through our state last week. Many people have lost their lives and their homes. In the Vicksburg area and the Delta, many people are at risk of losing their home or job, or just their way of life due to record floods. These are events that cannot be forecast. This is the importance of insurance.

 Insurance is there in case one of these life altering events occurs.  By the time these events occur it is too late. Many people often get upset about paying a premium and never using their policy. This is the time to think of how fortunate you are that you have never had to use your policy. But you never know when you will. Isn’t great to know that in the event something like this happens, you are protected?  This in and of itself should give you a great piece of mind. So the next time you write your check for your insurance, remember you are making an investment in yourself. 

My Friday blog usually gives you fun happenings around your area. This week, I’d like to challenge you to see how you can help others in the area. There are thousands of people living in shelters, hotels, and with family members right now. Many of these people have lost everything.  Maybe it is time to do your spring cleaning and clean out your closet and donate those clothes to some who’ve lost all of theirs. If not, donate money or supplies to your local Red Cross. They are providing goods and services constantly. Or if you can’t donate money, donate some time. Maybe you own a truck and trailer and have a friend who lives in one of these flooding areas, help them move their belongings. Or head to Smithville and help a stranger put their lives back together.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

More on Homeowner’s Insurance


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Today, I’d like to turn your attention to some of the other coverage offered on your homeowner’s insurance policy.

Homeowner’s policies are usually a package deal. Like Flo says on those catchy Progressive ads, it’s cheaper to bundle, like Unicorns and Glitter!! So while you may not have or actually need one or more coverage that is provided, it’s cheaper.

One portion of your package is Other Structures coverage. This covers exactly what it says; structures that are on your property that are not your home itself. A great example of this is a storage shed.

One of the most important of the coverage is contents coverage. Just like discussed in one of my previous posts about Renter’s Insurance, your contents coverage covers your “stuff”. This would include things such as your furniture, silverware, clothes and even those things you may forget in the event of a total loss such as your toothbrush!

Another important package part is the loss of use. What would happen if your home was damaged by a large falling tree and you couldn’t stay there? Isn’t it nice to know that our homeowner’s packages include coverage to help put you up in a hotel and even pay for your meals!! That is what this awesome little feature covers!!!

Do you have computers, guns, jewelry furs and other valuables or collectibles?? Check back with us to see how you cover these items that you probably hold ever so dear!!!

Have a fantastic rest of the week!!



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It’s mid April and you know what that means, yes it is time for taxes. BUT it’s also time for this year’s Riverfest!!! Riverfest is Vicksburg annual block party and this year, they are celebrating their 24th anniversary!! Tonight, head downtown to eat some crawfish and check out live music!! Brantley Gilbert will be headlining the stage tonight!!! Tomorrow, head over to the Arts and Crafts Festival and the Flea Market. Its open from 8-4 and admission is FREE!!!! There is plenty of fun and food for everyone! Saturday night head back down to Washington Street to hear music by the Chill! Tickets are available for purchase at Toot’s Grocery and Paper Plus to name a few!! For more information about Riverfest at
So go downtown, enjoy the good food, music and fun!! Support the flea market vendors and while your downtown, support our local merchants!!!
Hope to see you “Boogie on the Bricks”!!

Homeowner’s Insurance


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Your home is probably your largest investment. It provides you with a sense of comfort and security. What would you do if something happened?  Homeowner’s insurance is imperative for every homeowner. Homeowner’s insurance will give you the peace of mind that you need to continue to rest comfortably in your home.  Like auto insurance, there are several types of coverage that you should be aware of.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the most basic of the coverage, coverage of your dwelling. This is the amount that will actually cover the structure of your home. This coverage is normally calculated by determining reconstruction cost. This cost is how much it would cost you to rebuild your home exactly as it stands today. This amount may be more than you owe on your home.  It could also vary from your appraised value. Our licensed agents have the tools to calculate your reconstruction cost and with a few short questions can give you an accurate figure.  If you’ve lived in your home for several years; you should contact your agent about performing an updated evaluation; because like the cost of oil, the cost of building supplies has increased. You don’t want your home to be underinsured!!!

Dwelling coverage is subject to a per incident deductible. This is how much you are willing to accept out of pocket.

Check back with me next week to talk about other coverage on your homeowner’s policy!



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It’s getting to be that time of year! Time to break out the four wheelers and get a little mud on the tires and time to get the boats and jet skis cleaned up and gassed up to put on the water!! But don’t forget that these need to be insured too! Liability insurance is great in case someone gets hurt or in the event you were to hit someone! Comprehensive and collision will take care of the same things it takes care of on your car, if it gets stolen or if you are involved in an accident.

Speaking of being involved in an accident, medical coverage is also an option and on these types of toys it is an extremely important coverage. It is also so important that you make sure that you are a licensed operator of all of these and if you need training that you seek it. Too many accidents occur because of lack of training.

Four wheelers and watercraft are designed be fun so have fun!! Just make sure that it is good, safe fun!!!

You May Not Own The Building…But You Do Own Its Contents


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Do you live an in apartment or rental home? Many people do. And many people don’t know that their belongings are not covered if there were to be a catastrophic loss (or a small loss for that matter.) That’s right, your landlords insurance does NOT cover your stuff! That’s a scary thought huh! Have you thought about all of your personal items in your home? Sure you think about your flatscreen TV and the beautiful couch you purchased from IKEA, but there is so much more. You have clothes, shampoo, dishes, silverware, a playstation 3, a hair dryer and probably much more? What will you do if your apartment catches fire and you lose your things? Do you have the money in savings to replace them? For most of us, probably not.  In fact, the average college student has about $20,000 in personal items in their apartment! But for  less than 1 semester’s text book prices, you can protect yourself for a year. (For those of you not in college currently, it’s pretty inexpensive!)  You can talk to one of our friendly, licensed agents about Renter’s/Tenant Insurance. This insurance is so important! So please call us TODAY!!!

Weekend Happenings


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It’s finally THE WEEKEND! Time to find something to do to kick back and cut loose! Or just relax!! Dr Zarr and the Funkmonster is back at Ameristar this weekend. If you’ve never been it’s a great time! Outrageous costumes and spectacular music and its FREE!!!! Just head to Ameristar and go to the Bottleneck Blue’s Bar. If you are an 80s child, you can’t miss US at Beechwood!!  There is also live music at Monsour’s as well! This weekend also marks the 75th anniversary of Gold In The Hills at the Little Theatre and the peanuts are back!!! This is a wonderful theater experience for the kids!! In the Golden Triangle Area, The Charles Templeton Jazz Festival is this weekend in Starkville. And the Abraham Lincoln exhibit is still going on at the Library. It’s a great weekend to beat the traffic at the historic homes in Columbus this weekend or wait until next week and go during the Pilgrimage!!

However, staying in on the weekends can be just as awesome (and sometimes more)!!! Reinvest in your favorite board games. Get the kids, cousins, neighbors whoever around and play a game of scrabble (it will help you beat your friends on the Words With Friends App), monopoly or yahtzee! Try a new recipe or get ahead for next week! Cook all your meals and put them in the freezer and don’t cook all week!! It could also be a good weekend for spring cleaning!!!

Regardless of what you do, go out, stay in or a good combination, HAVE FUN and BE SAFE!!!!